As a consumer, you probably purchase a wide variety of items to complement and enhance your life and lifestyle. Or, if you're part of a small or home-based business, you purchase products to support your business operations.

Many of the items you purchase, however, will require maintenance, accessories, consumables or support at some point in their respective lifetimes — and it quickly becomes difficult to manage the sheer volume of documentation, warranty information and support contacts generated by your purchases.

eNbind provides an easy, zero-cost means of managing your important post-purchase information. When you purchase an eNbind-enabled product, you'll notice a QR code on the external packaging and/or documentation. Simply take a photo of the QR code with an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. The first time you do this, you'll be prompted to download the free eNbind mobile app.

Now, all your eNbind-enabled product information is stored in one convenient place — your smartphone or tablet — and you can quickly locate support contact information, warranty dates and other information. You can set reminders of when maintenance is required, warranties are expiring, or other actions are needed. All your data is stored safely, securely and privately in the eNbind platform.

Now you have just one, unified, go-to place for anything you might need post-purchase.

eNbind Consumer Product Purchase Flow

eNbind Consumer Product Purchase Flow